Electoral Board Meeting Minutes

Electoral Board meeting minutes for meetings prior to 2016 may be inspected at the Office of Elections during regular business hours. Arlington has records of minutes from 1959 through the present day.

The Arlington Electoral Board does not have a regular meeting schedule but instead meets as needed to discuss issues related to election administration in Arlington. Before, during, and after each election they hold a series of meetings to conduct required business pertaining to the specific election. They are also required by Virginia law to meet during the first week of February to appoint officers of election and during the month of March to elect Board officers.

See Code of Virginia, § 24.2-107 for more information.

Electronic Meeting Policy(PDF, 351KB)


2022 Meetings

2021 Meetings

2021 Meetings

November 30   Agenda(PDF, 77KB)    Minutes(DOCX, 35KB)    Video   Meeting Documents:  Post Election Report(PDF, 290KB)  

November 2-6 Election Activities Minutes(PDF, 15KB)  

September 9    Agenda(PDF, 105KB)    Minutes(PDF, 50KB)     Video           

June 30     Agenda(PDF, 74KB)      Minutes(PDF, 77KB)       Video    Meeting Documents:  Post Election Report - 2021 Primary(PDF, 154KB) | 2021 Election Laws  |  2021 General Presentation(PDF, 1MB)

March 25     Agenda(DOCX, 32KB)        DRAFT Minutes(DOCX, 267KB)  Video   

February 24  Agenda(DOCX, 30KB)      Minutes(DOCX, 23KB) 

February 6   Agenda(DOCX, 25KB)       Minutes (PDF, 502KB)      Video     Ranked-Choice Voting Fact Sheet(PDF, 231KB)         RCV Presentation(PDF, 515KB)

January 21   Agenda(DOCX, 23KB)        Minutes (PDF, 98KB)     Video       Electoral Board & General Registrar Duties(PDF, 227KB)

January 6     Agenda(DOCX, 23KB)         Minutes(PDF, 99KB)