Volunteer & Job Opportunities


Apply to be an Election Officer Here 

Work as an Election Officer 

Serve Arlington County voters in the fundamental and gratifying role of an Election Officer on Election Day!  This is the most critical position each election and staffing the polling places on Election Day is always a challenge.  We are continually seeking new workers who are committed to election integrity, provide good customer service, and can work an approximately 15-hour day assisting voters. Learn more about working at the polls.  

High School Page Program

High school students that would like to get involved in working the elections can do so as part of the High School Page Program. This allows students to work at the polling place on Election Day and assist voters and election officers. Learn more about the High School Page program.

Volunteer a Little Time 

Would you like to help out at the polls but can't commit to working a full day? The Office of Voter Registration & Elections is continually seeking civic-minded citizens interested in volunteering for voter registration and education duties throughout the community. During some elections, our office needs volunteers for short shift work to help with large-scale projects like envelope labeling, clerical tasks, or outreach events.

Permanent Employment/Seasonal Work 

The Office of Voter Registration and Election hires some seasonal employees prior to most elections.  During major elections, this can be upwards of 20-30 positions for several months.  When such positions are available, they will be listed on the Arlington County Government Jobs website.