Understanding your Online Voter Record

Did you know that you can look up your voter registration record in Virginia Online?OnlineVoterRecord.jpg

The Citizen Portal allows you to confirm your registration, update your address within Virginia, request an absentee ballot, and view your polling place and election district information.

To get started, enter your information into the Citizen Portal.

Understanding your Online Voter Record

Once you enter your information into the Citizen Portal, you should see your record. If you do not, contact our office.

Your information is provided in 7 sections:

  1. Voter Information
  2. Absentee
  3. Polling Place
  4. Voter History
  5. Districts
  6. General Registrar Office Contact Information
  7. Electoral Board Members

Voter Information

What to look for:

  • Confirm your Full Legal Name & Current Address
  • Check your Status. You will see Active or Inactive. This status does not reflect your voting status but rather the status of your address. Active means you are good to go on Election Day. Inactive means we are not sure of your address. You might be listed inactive if we received notification that you moved from the post office or if something we mailed was returned. Recommend Action If Inactive. Update your voter record (see below) prior to the registration deadline. If you do not, you might encounter delays when you vote.
  • If you need to update your voter record, check the checkbox and click continue.
  • If you want to apply for a MAIL absentee ballot, check the checkbox and click continue. You can request a mail ballot up to a year before the next General Election. Ballots will be mailed 45 days before the Election.  Note: If you want to vote in person absentee, do not complete an online application. You will complete one when you come to vote.


You will see information in this section if you voted absentee, either in person or by mail.

What to look for:

If you requested a mail ballot, you can see the date your application was received, when your ballot was issued or mailed, and when we received your ballot.

Ballot Issued: You can request a mail ballot up to a year before the next General Election. Ballots will be mailed 45 days before the Election. The date the ballot was mailed will appear under Ballot Issued.

Ballot Received: When we receive your marked ballot, a date will appear under Ballot Received.

If you vote in person absentee, all 3 dates will be the same.

Polling Place

Click on the Show Your Polling Place button to see where you must vote on Election Day. Additional directions.

Virginia law requires that you vote at the location you have been assigned on Election Day. You cannot request a different location under current law.

Voter History

Click on the Show Voter History button to view your voting history.


This section lists the legislative districts where you reside. View your Elected Officials.

General Registrar Office Contact Information

This section lists the contact information for our office. The hours listed are normal hours. In the weeks leading up to an election, hours will be increased for absentee voting. Extra hours for Absentee Voting.

Electoral Board Members

A 3-member board overseas elections in Arlington. More Information.

Other Information

New registrations, updates, and requests for absentee ballots will appear 1 business day after you submit information.

For privacy, voters who have requested and qualified for protected status under Va Code § 24.2-418 (B) will not be able to use the Portal and should contact our office.

If you have any other questions, ask below or contact us directly.