Same Day Registration

Same Day Registration (SDR) - What is it? 

Beginning with the 2022 General Election, voters who miss the registration deadline may now register or update their name and address in-person during Early Voting or at their polling place on Election Day

All new registrations received after the deadline will vote a provisional ballot. Voters who are only updating their name or address might be able to cast a regular ballot depending on the change. Please contact our office if you have questions about your change. 

Applications received online, by mail, or from third party registration groups after the deadline will be processed after the Election. Voters who submit applications after the deadline are able to complete a Same Day Registration and cast a provisional ballot in person at their assigned location. 

All U.S. citizen residents of Virginia aged 18 years or older, or who will be 18 by the next general election, are eligible for Same Day Registration, provided they have not been convicted of a felony or judged by a court as mentally incapacitated.

Same Day Registration and Early Voting 

Beginning October 16, Arlington residents may register and vote a provisional ballot at any Arlington Early Voting location for the November 5, 2024 Presidential Election. Early Voting hours and locations can be found here.

If you are not a resident of Arlington, you must vote in the locality where you live. 

Same Day Registration and Election Day 

On Election Day, you must register to vote at the polling place in the precinct in which you reside. You can locate your polling place using the link below or by contacting our office at 703-228-3456. 

Find your Polling Place

What to Expect? 

If you have moved, changed names, or have not yet registered to vote in Virginia you will be referred to a Registration Clerk when you vote. These individuals will ask you a series of questions to determine the correct forms you should complete. Most voters will complete a Voter Registration Application(PDF, 91KB). If it is determined that you must cast a provisional ballot, you will complete a Provisional Ballot Envelope. This envelope asks for your name, address, and contact information. It's important that these forms be filled out completely and legibly to ensure processing. Your ballot will be sealed in this envelope with your voter registration application attached to the exterior of the envelope. These ballots are returned to the Office for processing after the election. 

You will need to show acceptable ID. No other documentation is needed. 

What is a provisional ballot?

Provisional Ballots are issued to voters when their voting eligibility cannot be determined. Provisional ballots are sealed in a green envelope and adjudicated by the local electoral board after the election. 

The Arlington County Electoral Board reviews Provisional Ballots on the Wednesday after the election.  


Why do I have to vote a provisional ballot?

Same Day Registration requires voting a provisional ballot to allow the Office of Voter Registration and Elections time to process your registration application and confirm your eligibility. Your application will be included with your provisional ballot for approval during the Provisional Ballot meeting, held on the Wednesday after the election.  


When is the Electoral Board’s Provisional Ballot meeting?

All voters who cast a provisional ballot are given a notice that informs them of their rights when they vote. This notice lists the location and time of the Electoral Board Meeting.

The Electoral Board reviews provisional ballots beginning the Wednesday after the election. If you voted a provisional ballot, you may attend the meeting, but attendance is not required. If your voter registration application is approved, your provisional ballot will be counted. If your voter registration application and provisional ballot are denied, you will receive written notice from the General Registrar.