Polling Places

On Election Day, all polling places remain open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. A polling place exists within each of Arlington’s 54 precincts, and when you register to vote, you receive a voter information card with the name of your precinct and polling place location. If you’ve lost or misplaced your card, email the Office of Elections  for a replacement, or call 703-228-3456.

Polling Places Moved

The following locations have moved for the June 21, 2022 Democratic Primary

Precinct  Old Location New Location Reason for Move
007 Cherrydale St. Agnes Church Restoration Church, 1815 N Quincy  The church is undergoing an extensive renovation and was determined unsafe for voting. This is a temporary move. 
017 Overlee Knolls Resurrection Lutheran Church Cardinal School, 1644 N McKinley Rd The polling place was moved temporarily in 2019 due to construction at the school. It has returned to its original location. 
031 Lexington Lee Community Center Westover Library, 1644 N McKinley Rd #3  Lee Community Center has been permanently closed. 
045 Buckingham Barrett School Lubber Run Community Center, 300 N Park Dr The main entrance used for voting at Barrett was not ADA compliant.

Find Your Polling Place

To find your designated polling place:

Polling Place ID Requirements